The Aura - Paula

Remember when you were a kid playing cowboys and Indians, cops and robbers you really wanted to have one of those guns that is created with your finger and thumb…well it happened to me for real, my name is Paula; they call me “pistol packin’ Paula” now.

It all started when I was cornered by a yet unidentified dead assassin. He shot me with a new type of weapon that heavily fragments the bullet when entering the body causing maximum damage and death. Somehow I survived (thanks to the saviour) several fragments landed in my right shoulder and could not be removed. Having shoulder replacement years before from a skiing accident, somehow the new shoulder and bullet fragments combined into this new weapon which I can yield at my very own thoughts and verbal commands.

It started in my hospital bed in recovery, the assassin came back to finish the job, to my surprise my body simply reacted and went into protect mode, as I call it now, a single bullet was fired from my finger through the would be assassins head.

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