Bill’s wife straightened his tie as he got ready for work as she had done for years before. “There you look perfect as always” she said with a loving smile. “Thanks honey” he replied, barely loud enough for her to hear.

As he got in the car and did up his belt she stood waving and blowing kisses to him. He waved back but did not blow kisses that was too girlie for him…”she really does love me” he thought out loud.

Bill’s ride to work was peaceful not too much traffic as it was summer…no talk radio or music on, just Bill alone with his thoughts for the start of the day. “Ah yes the Leslie account is due today” that’ll be good. Lots of money comes from the Leslie account.

He parked his car and made his way to the bank just as the armoured truck pulled away….”right on time as always” he thought…how perfectly punctual Leslie Armoured service was.

Bill pulled down his mask, entered the bank firing several shots in the ceiling. ”No body move” he yelled. “Empty the Leslie deposits into this case” he demanded.

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