The Jetsons: Lost in space...

George looks down from the cockpit of his ship at the world below him and looking puzzled asks Jane “where are we honey”?

Jane looks at the map as if she knows exactly where they are and says “beats me George but there’s sure lots of strange looking things below, do you think it’s safe to land?”

George falsely relieves her and says “sure honey, look there’s someone waving us down over there.”

Astro’s bouncing on Elroy and Judy laps ready to get out. In his squeaky voice Elroy pipes up and says “Dad, Astro is really looking to get out I think he’s got to go, you know.” Astro barks in agreement with Elroy.

“Alright, alright just give me a minute boy, I’m looking for a place to land this thing” answers George impatiently.

The ship lands, the canopy’s barely open, Astro bounds out over the edge, sniffing searching for a place to do his “thing”.

A burly leopard skinned clad figure approaches; Jane cowers behind a just as scared George “Hey there my name is Fred, Fred Flintstone, welcome to the stone age.

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