Airships: Warnings

Elletra ran into Hawkeye as she rounded a corner.

“Elletra! What’s wrong? Are we being boarded again?” Hawkeye asked, his hands instinctively holding her steady as the ship violently turned to port.

“We’re responding to a distress call. I don’t know what’s with all the turning but there are three ships going too, we will be arriving first. Gladstone wants you on the lookout. You’re the best eyes they got.”

Hawkeye arched an eyebrow, “We must be going through a Fold field. The ship is turning like the devil’s on her back. Did they tell you who it is we’re going after?”

Elletra shook her head. Hawkeye frowned slightly and let go of her.

“Alright. Be careful where you go. Some of the Folds in these areas are tiny and you could get sucked in and even possibly left in there. Don’t go rappelling anywhere.”

Elletra grinned, “Yes, sir. Now get going!”

Hawkeye walked off at a brisk pace and Elletra was left there holding onto the wall as another sudden turn threatened to toss her across the corridor.

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