The Duke's Backstage

My mind was slow to comprehend the meaning while trying to fight off the thunderous music poisoning her.

He is worse… than the Duke…

My thoughts trudged through the command he had given. It began formulating thoughts that were not my own. Suddenly, I could hear the door of the room swinging open and three women entered my field of vision.

“How do we order them in a line? Boys then girls? Tallest to shortest? Ugliest to prettiest even though they are all gorgeous.” The oldest asked, her eyes roving about the room.

“Just get them backstage!” Another said & then she rushed out.

“Dolls. Follow me.” The last woman said, her expression indifferent.

My mind was still slowly oozing ideas as the command planted in my head grew and branched out into a dozen ways to fullfill the order. I followed the woman with surprising grace and we were all quickly escorted into a bright room that had a heavy curtain for one wall. It was time for the show and I knew I was going to be the best, whether I liked it or not.

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