The Aura: A New Life

The lab coat clad man with the reddish aura walked past John’s room several times, each time they glanced at each other. John thought to himself “he looks important; he’s probably some kind of brainiac scientist here’.

As it turns out John was right, on the next trip by the man knocked on the door entering before getting an answer. “I’m Dr Reinfeld John, I will be helping you with your new talents”.

“My new talents” John quipped back “you make it sound like I’m a circus performer” he said in an UN-amused tone.

“Well it turns out you are not all that wrong John” said the Dr. “To the outsider, that’s what we call normal people, you are just like the bearded lady or the elephant man”. “They can’t see you the way that WE see you, as an asset or an agent if you will”.

“Ok, ok” John snapped, “an agent what the hell are you talking about?” “I’m a school teacher not some weirded out spy”.

Dr Reinfeld took a deep breath, he knew he’d need it to look relaxed. “It’s like this John, you WERE a school teacher…”

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