Airships: What Has to be Done

Hawkeye stared out into the open sky and suddenly knew how bad things were. Distortions in the sky that resembled ripples on water were surrounding them. They were always harder to notice in the day. A big shimmer on the port side caught his eyes.

“Fold at ten o’clock.” He called out above the roaring winds.

He felt the sudden turn of the airship but didn’t allow himself to smile yet. There were many more to come.

Elletra muttered a string of Italian curses as she stumbled above deck. Men were securing anything loose & she saw them all wearing safety lines. She forced herself to walk across to a spare safety line, tethered to the main mast and tiied herself in.

“Tell me what you need done.” She called out to a man barking orders.

He turned to her and frowned, “This is no place for a lady.”

Elletra narrowed her eyes, “Tell me what has to be done.”

He shrugged, “We need every piece of rope occupied or out of the way.”

Elletra grumbled a bit about the seemingly menial task but went to work anyway.

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