The Sidewalk Man

The little boy was playing in his sandbox, when he looked up, and saw something strange. There was a man, dressed all in black, just standing there on the sidewalk. The little boy told his mother, but she couldn’t see him! The next day, when the little boy went out to play, the man was still there, and the boy’s mother still couldn’t see him! The boy didn’t want to keep going out to play, but his mother forced him, because she couldn’t see the man! After two weeks, the man took one step into the yard. Just one. This scared the little boy. Then, after another two weeks, the man took another step. Two weeks, another step. Every two weeks the man would take a step into the yard. Finally, when he was one step away from the sandbox, the man disappeared. The boy was relieved, when suddenly, there was a flash of red light, and everything went black. Two weeks after her son’s funeral, a mother was washing the dishes when she looked outside the window and saw a man dressed all in black, just standing on the sidewalk.

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