To be rejected by the one you claim to love – is pain
That you were willing to accept, when you professed
The feelings you were harboring. Perhaps in vain
You took a chance on life and frantically expressed
Your inner thoughts. To someone who had seen
You as a friend – so loyal of your own volition -
Could this appear to be betrayal? How can you mean
The words you say? They’d think you on a mission
To bed them, break their heart, abandon them forever.
Just like the others who had acted as explained,
You should be shunned. Else you might think it clever
To push until your long con, where you feigned
To love, come to fruition. Fine, give them some space
And brood and drink the time away until to normal
All things can return. For now just hide your face,
Stay quiet and stop joking, let speech be only formal.
It hurts to know that all you changed was how
Your motivations now appear. You’re danger
In their eyes. To keep them safe they’ll not allow
You near their heart, for you are now a stranger.

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