Airships: Plan B

Hawkeye heard the Captain yelling out a reply, “Send a message to the Clear Air Turbulence! Ask what their condition is & how we can offer assistance. End Message. Be quick about it, please.”

Hawkeye gazed out as the Perfect Circle stayed motionless behind. Perhaps wondering what they were going to do. Hawkeye glanced at the heliograph turret as it began flashing the message to Clear Air Turbulence.

Hawkeye suddenly saw another fold & called out, “There’s a fold dead ahead!”

After a few seconds, the ship was veering to port. Hawkeye still kept an eye out for a reply from Clear Air Turbulence. After several minutes, nothing came.

“Their heliograph is probably damaged.” Hawkeye muttered.

The Captain must’ve realized this too because he called out, “Alright. Plan B. Head straight for Clear Air Turbulence. And get some men ready for boarding the ship. We’re going to have to tow it out of here before those other ships get here. Increase speed as much as possible. Get the grappling hooks set to go.”

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