Airships: Volunteering

Elletra looked up from securing all the life-lines to a sudden commotion. Gladstone, Jerem, Hawkeye, and a few others were on deck discussing something in a lively conversation.

Gladstone stepped away and called out, “I need ten men for setting up grappling hooks on Clear Air Turbulence.”

Elletra saw her opportunity, she had been itching to do something useful and she did have experience with grappling hooks from a certain ordeal with some Austrian slave traders. She walked over with a dozen other men.

Gladstone’s eyes widened at her, “Miss, this is no pleasant picnic and certainly no place for a lady.”

She was about to object when she saw Jerem spot here and smile, “Let her go, Gladstone. As long as she has experience with grappling hooks.”

Elletra grinned, “Yes, I do.”

Gladstone sighed but didn’t argue, “Alright. Dunphy, Barentyn, Hardesty, McDaniel, Thomas, Holloway, Keegarail, Bealty, Hiland, and Miss Elletra. You all do your job as quickly as possible so we can finish this and be on our way.”

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