Suits: First Change

The perfect success, they had called her. She didn’t know exactly what they meant but their blathering always made sense among them & they hadn’t made any mistakes yet with the Suits.

She tilted her head as she examined herself in the body-length mirror. It was definitely going to take some time to adjust to the new wardrobe. She chuckled. That the clothes was her only objection in this crazy mess.

“Hey! You done yet? Some girls need that room too!” Her friend, Seffie, hollered through the steel door. Her friend’s voice had been part of the new Suit they gave her.

“I’ll be out in a second! Gosh!” She hollered back, putting on her robe, her hood covering head & shadowing her face.

Seffie smiled sympathetically when she came out, “First time doing a Suit change?”


Seffie shrugged, “You get to used to it. This is my thirtieth. What’s the name of your new Suit?”

“Suit of Success.”

That one? Now why would a spook need to look like a glittering fish in a dress?”

“Aquatic mission.” She muttered.

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