The Earth's Darkest Hour

A mutter
“Kathy it’s urgent they need to speak to you for only a minute”
a louder mutter “I’ll be there give me a second”
Why has Carl woken me up at 2 in the morning, no one is ever up this early. Why did he have such urgency in his voice, the man was was always calm as a stone. Never has he ever sounded worry or even a shudder in his voice. “Please stay seated you do not have to get up on my account.” – “Sorry Kathy but this is very urgent.” – “Speak Carl.” – “Well we have spotted in sector 9 what looks like to be an asteroid.” – “Why hasn’t this shown up on our grids before Carl.” – “Well that’s the thing we don’t know, many times we have scanned this sector and nothing has shown up on our grid.” – “Very well and how far is sector 9 from earth.” – “It’s close enough to hit.” – “Where is it moving to, do we have to call a state emergency.” – “Kathy in about exactly 24 hours we will lose the sun for who knows how long.”

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