The Easy Life

Kara had not passed a house in days when she came upon the little run-down shrine along the Great Wastes Road. Curious, she brushed open the torn curtain to peer within.
The room was bright with lamps and gaudy paint. Cushions smothered the floor and upon them lay a great round creature, like the skin of a long-haired cat worn by a huge tortoise. Its thick limbs flopped unmoving on the soft pillows while a long tongue continually licked at a font of chocolate bubbling from its paws. Heavy lidded eyes slowly opened as Kara entered and fell to her knees.
“You may rise, little one, I do not mind. Others of my kind, those spirits who define Rage or Pride or Love might want your grovelling, but I have no such need,” the creature offered out its sticky paw. “Want some?”
Kara tasted the divine goop. It was all she might ever wish to taste, all at once. “My thanks but surely you must be lonely. Why no cult? In whose presence do I sit?”
The beast shrugged, “I am Contentment and I have all I want. I always do.”

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