Suited For Success

The fortune-teller idly shuffled her deck as she called out, “Who is next to seek the insights of Madam Akkaviri?”
A small, grubby face poked through the tent flap.
“Come on, my dear, Madam Akkaviri doesn’t bite,” she gestured to the empty seat. The skinny child dashed from door to chair like a mouse fearing a hawk. It was probably male, but she wasn’t certain. Its bony hand dropped two pounds on the table.
“Then let us see what your future holds, the first card is … the 9 of Coins. You’ll have money to spend some day. Next is the 10 of Coins. Indeed you’ll have more than enough to share. And next is-”
The fortune teller stopped sharply as she turned the card. 11 golden disks reflected the candle light.
“There’s no such card,” she muttered. She flipped another to find 12 shining disks. She stared at the boy.
“Well, you’re quite something. New cards come into being just to describe your coming wealth. Be beware,” she flipped another card. A bloated slug lay alone in its slime. “Of what greed might birth.”

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