Miss Originality

His eye caught her instantly. Her curiousness was unlike anything he had seen before, something he couldn’t place his finger on. It came as no surprise when she noticed him staring at her from all the way across the plaza and came traipsing over.

What an odd, odd woman.

“You like what you see?”, she queried, catching him off guard as he spilled his coffee all over his writing. Just as he had gathered himself and was about to answer (he wasn’t too sure), she managed to interrupt him before he even spoke.

“It’s ok to change it all you know- to be a bold eagle.” she said with head tilted askew. He responded by dropping his jaw with a dumbfounded “Ok”. At that, she roared with unchecked laughter. Heads all around the busy square turned to witness the buckled beauty, laughing her ass off at the silly man on the bench.

With a smile and wink, she moved on, yellow dress flitting behind her. The man shuffled his papers and figured they weren’t worth salvaging not because of coffee stains, but the tired premise.

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