Now that your gone

Now that your gone,
I feel so lonely.
Im missing your smile,
Missing your voice,
Hoping for the day when i will see you again.
It seemed like i knew you my whole life,
When it simply was a month.
A month,
Such a short period of time.
How long dose it take
To acctualy get to know a person?
To truly and undoubtedly know them?
I hope to find out one day.
But now that your gone,
I have no one to share the little joys of my day with.
No one to tell my problems to,
No one to look up to,
No one to lift my spirts.
Make me feel like a bird.
Flying through the air.
You were the closest feeling i had,
To being absolutly and truly free.
My best friend.
And now that your gone
It will be hard to live with out you.
But that is exactly what i must do,
To let go, to move on,
And accept that you are gone.

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