The LITTLE things

We both layed, barefoot in the grass, looking at the sky. It was a clear day with no clouds. For a chance it was nice to hang out for a while. I mean, with my little brother, i wasnt running around the house chasing him, screaming at the top of my lungs for him to give me back my phone, or cleaning up after his messes while he simultaneously creates another one. Today, it was different. I looked over at his wide eyes at they took in every aspect of the sky. When suddenly he bursts out " lets make those… those animal pictures out of the clouds! ". " How do you think we should do that when theres no clouds?" i rebudled.“We could pretend.” he said glancing over at me with those big blue eyes. How could i say no? It was a pointless idea, but why not, they always say to use our imaginations. So there we sat looking at the sky, making invisible shapes out of clouds that werent there. But i have to say, it was the best part of my day. Sometime its the little things that bring you the most joy.

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