“Fee Fi Fo Fum! Im going to crush you! Just for fun! HAHAHA” laughed the horrendous giant as it made its way to the castle walls. Its toes smashed the village houses like twigs leaving nothing but a foot print. " Quick! Fire the arrows!" yelled a gaurd. “Go go go! before he reaches the princesses quarters!”. Deep bellow the commotion sat the most beautiful lady of all, princess lilly. Right by her side stood the brave prince tyler. They had been on many long and ruthless journeys together, slaying dragons, sailing across the world,exciting sword fights, but today it would all come to an end. The threat of the giants had grown to strong for the small naition to hanndle. The young royals sat in a room waiting for the end. When suddenly…

“Tyler, Lilly! Time for dinner!” a voice echoed throughout the yard.
“Aww, mom! Five more minutes? Please?” The two rebudled simultaneously.
“Nope, you can come back out after dinner. Hurry in and get cleaned up.”
“ok” the two said as they ran back to the house to eat.

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