Cool Twenty-two

Challenge 16: Black Jack Jezebel. I heard this name in a song (by the Clockwork Dolls) and thought the name was intriguing. Without looking her up, tell me her story.

Challenge 17: A murderous robot in the middle of a killing spree stops and spares someone. Why?

Challenge 18: The first L.I.T. challenge (Location-Item-Theme). Please write a story that includes the following- Location: a beach of your choice. Item: A tarnished necklace. Theme: Some Things Should Stay Hidden

Challenge 19: Neighborhood Detective(s). Someone that is not a cop, investigates their neighborhood. What are they looking for? Who are they talking to? Are people helpful or irritated?

Challenge 20: The Hundred Dollar Challenge. Your character finds a one hundred dollar bill at the mall. What do they do with it?

Challenge 21: Halloween Preparation: Halloween is coming up soon. Tell me a story that is inspired by Halloween.

Challenge 22: The Last Message. Your character is almost certainly going to die. What is their final message?

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