The Forlorn Hope

We had jettisoned most of the bodies out the torpedo tubes. Due to some trick of the pressures, they floated all around us, neither rising nor falling, but instead drifting along side of us like horrid carnival balloons.

Only five us remained and I was not sure how much longer the others would last. Fredericks already fingered the long handle of his knife, eyeing us appraisingly whenever he thought no one was watching. I longed to disarm him but past experience had showed us that that would do more harm than good. Thankfully I was the only one with a gun now. Mosley had shakes that moved from his hands to his teeth and back again. I had told him the meat was no good- never mind, there was no use in trying to undo the past.

Fingertips tapped at my closed door and I eased my gun out of its holster and kept it out of sight. “Come in.”

Mosley opened the door and leaned in. “Jeremy and Coughlin hung themselves in the engine room. Fredericks is cutting ’em down now.”

I suppressed a shudder. Five were now three.

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