Airships: Something Strange

Elletra made a note to thank Hawkeye later as she went across the gangway bridge between the two airships.

The ship was in complete shambles and disarray and men were in all states of health. A scruffy-looking man with a pock-marked face sauntered over to meet us. Elletra spied Hawkeye moving his hand instinctively to his holster. Interesting.

“Hello. I can not thank you enough for coming to our aid. As you can see, those mafia pirates did a number on us. I’ll show the engineers to the engines if you like now while your men set up the grappling hooks.”

“Our honor to assist.” Gladstone said pleasantly.

As if on cue, the men all seperated, going for their tasks. Hawkeye followed the rest of the engineers. He kept glancing at the other men. They seemed a bit strange. He couldn’t pin-point it but he felt edgy.

Elletra watched him leave below decks, but out of the corners of her eyes she saw several of this airship’s crew shoot menacing looks at the engineers. Her body became tense as she studied them.

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