Running the Meeting

Reginald sat down with an exasperate huff. The board room was silent, aside from someone sending a text or a tweet under the table. The little tics were conspicuously loud in the stilled office. Some looked out the windows. Others endlessly reviewed the papers in front of them.

Unfortunately seated near the head of the table, Denton had no choice but to return the gaze locked upon him by his boss. For a moment, neither man spoke. Denton had no desire to, or more accurately had no idea how to respond. Reginald was formulating his thoughts.

“That,” Reginald began, “did not go as I’d hoped.”

Denton shook his head in agreement.

Reginald considered his employee carefully, then asked in all humility, “So, basically, what? Am I trying too hard?”

“Well, it is a board meeting, and most of us are, you know, taking it pretty seriously, so…I’m sorry, boss. Could you take off the clown nose and Bozo wig?”

“Too much?”

“More like too soon, boss. Terry only died last month.”

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