We'll All Float On Okay

Every morning I wake up.
Not another day… I can’t do this…

I step back and look at
the writing I slave over.
This is no good. No one will ever read my work.
This is all the talent I have.

I stare at my wigs in need of styling
and sewing machine;
the yards of cloth and pins and thread.
Nobody will like my costumes,
I might as well give up my dreams now.

I glare at my schedule and at my
mostly empty wallet.
How am I going to pay for this stuff?
I’m in debt, too.

I look at my school tasks
and upcoming orchestra concerts.
All the clubs and all the homework.
I can’t manage to do this, it’s pointless.
I wish it didn’t exist.

And then suddenly in my head
there is a short ginger boy
named Hanna.
He may only be from a comic,
and he may not be real.
It might be silly for me
to think of him as my muse.
But he tells me we’ll all
float on okay.

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