Luna's Secret

During the night, I snuck out. I ran as fast as I could over the roof tops. I swung from the elderly braches, and landed upon them carefully. Once the peach trees started, I stopped. This was where he lived. Rolling back onto my heels, I jumped onto the porch sill of the gingerbread Victorian house. I entered with the key from atop the door frame. I whispered into the cinnamon- scented darkness, “Dolan?”
His voice greeted me with a laugh. “Whom else?”
I turned around to face him. The warm, familiar black fringed face greeted me with a smile. I smiled too.
“Glad you are here.”
“Glad to be here.”
He rested his hand on my shoulder gently. “How has Caleb been?”
“Prissy, pretentious and all the usual stuff.”
“I am glad.”
“Because then you spend more time here if he is.” I smiled and wrapped my arms around him.
He nuzzled me against his chest.
“I love you.”
“I love you too. But keep it a secret. No one should know.”
“If that is your wish, I shall grant it.”
“Fantastic.” I smiled, happy in his arms.

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