Great Halls

Unto King Aelle, greetings;

I must offer my sincerest apologies for my absence on this day. Leaving this country altogether would have been inexcusable; the land, though heretofore well enough controlled, has of late been suffering from disquiet and requires constant attention from one of us at the very least. I trust that my husband’s presence will be sufficient to perform the day’s necessary duties.

Hild has been devoting herself to her preparations with utmost humility and admirable courage. As my husband will undoubtedly have said, we have every confidence that you will find her a gentle and obedient wife.

I am well aware that you will give little credence to my excuses, and I shall be accused of avoiding your society. Of course, there is enough truth in this; but then, I have never given credence to your own arguments for why it is my daughter in particular you must marry. I believe I will find more comfort in remaining disbelieving than in attending your halls.

Best Regards,


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