For Once

Hanna watched as the parents embraced their found son, wrapping their arms around the child, afraid to let go. A smile danced onto Hanna’s light, thin lips as he watched the scene unfold. Right as the sun began to set, too. Dry, rosy clouds raced across the pale yellow sky as the burning orange sun was swallowed by the horizon. It was very rare for his cases to end like this. This was a good ending. A happy one. This is what made his job all worthwhile when it comes down to it. Sometimes he would forget why he’s doing these things. Investigating tragedies, getting himself beat up, running into trouble, desperately trying to save lost causes. Suddenly there was a sturdy gloved hand resting on his shoulder. “Hanna…?” the zombie’s sotto monotone asked. Hanna looked over to his undead partner, staring into the man’s glowing orange eyes.

“For once,” Hanna whispered, smiling somberly and giving a bittersweet chuckle. “For once, everybody lives, Galahad. Everybody lives.

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