High Walls

To the Lady Synnove,

The removal of yourself from my presence, I admit, did bestow a level of sadness upon me such as I have not experienced for some time. Indeed, in this current circumstance of all circumstances, your absence leaves me undone in the most acute way.
I regret that such instabilities along the South Coast distract you from the preparations of that glorious day whereby our families will unite, and I will wed your daughter. You have expressed, on occasion, the dissatisfaction you hold regarding our union, and I hope in time to humbly aid in the reorientation of the views you hold. I hold all confidence that we can and will be reconciled.
I acknowledge that this offer will likely be left to fallow, but should you have need of any assistance whilst stabilizing your affairs, look no further than your future son for aid. Your husband the Lord would no doubt accept.

With best intent,
Conqueror of the Welsh,
Ruler of the Provinces South of the River Humber,
First Bretwalda,
High-King Aelle

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