Where Elsha Has Been

He sat behind the desk. I studied his face. Was he trying not to smile? This was not the face of bad news. I sat and listened.

“We can offer you a temporary position.” My head nodded, my eyes glowed. This was exactly what I had been dreaming about, the middle ground necessary to prove myself.

“I have confidence in you. You did a great job last year when you filled in, you get along with the staff, and you know what you are up against.”

“I do, and thanks.” The smile could not be kept in.

“Will you accept?”


Two days later, the room is ready. I wave as he announces me as the new teacher to the gathered staff in the cafetorium. Some people smile, some nod, some barely turn to acknowledge. It’s all good. Nothing can burst my bubble today. Tomorrow the students will come and we shall begin.

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