The Flip of a Switch

Steven frowned and stepped backwards. He swore he had turned off this part of the facility. He slid his card through the reader and pushed the heavy doors apart. Inside the lab, the rows of computers sat silently while static flickered across their screens. With the flick of a switch, they went back to sleep.

As Steven meandered back down the hall, he realized the motion lights were on farther down the hallway. He shut his ipod off and looked questioningly down the hallway.

“Hello?” he ventured towards the emptiness. As he reached the first computer lab, he realized these computers were on as well. And their word processors were open and belting out jibberish. Odd, but in a lab filled with computer nerds, not impossible. Steven smiled wryly and entered the lab. He flicked the power switch and looked for the hidden camera.

Nothing happened.

Steven’s heart began to race and he jumped when the lights flickered.

Words continued to pour across the computer screens. Steven rubbed his face and leaned in closer.

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