The chilly afternoon wind burns my cheeks. The air is much different when you’re up so high. I raise my chin, taking in the perfectly vampiric weather. The sun and sky are obscured by heavy cumulonimbus clouds that make the city a monochromatic masterpiece. My gaze travels down, where I can see cars. Tiny little yellow cabs carrying ant-sized passengers. A smile dances onto my mauve lips. I take a deep breath, filling my lungs with cold air. Skyscrapers tower and smaller buildings litter the vicinity. Not far away, a smaller rooftop. Sure, it’s risky for me to be up this high, but I hardly mind.

I jog back, my split-toe shoes gripping against the concrete of the rooftop. I go sprinting at full speed, towards the edge. It comes into view and I push off, curling up and pulling myself into a front-flip, the whole world spinning around me. I relax and my feet hit the top of the other roof. I roll and straighten, whirling around to view the gap I just closed. The life of a freerunner; dangerous, but rewarding.

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