Lost On The Moon

She bit into the flesh of her lower lip, raising her face to be washed with pale moonlight. She opened dark brown orbs, examining the giant glowing white ball in the sky, surrounded by gently-twinkling stars that do not dare outshine their leader. She heaved a sigh, lungs filling with delicious night air, only to be pushed out by force. Her muscles were strained from a long day of running through the mountains and timberland, as well as trying her hand at hunting. Her compound bow was rather heavy on her sore shoulders, and her full quiver rested idly against the saddle she was upon. The girl dug her heels into the ribs of her dark gelding, urging him into a lazy trot.

She glanced up towards the vast black expanse of endless night sky once more, her gaze lingering on the moon as her horse followed the trail back home. A sudden feeling of warmth and happiness caused her to smile, in spite of her current situation. The thought that somewhere out there, he was looking at the same exact moon.

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