As the Stars Twinkle in Essieterra (part 3)

“Essieterra, straight ahead!” Captain Carrot declared. When our ship sailed into the port, I was trembling with excitement. Finally, I could live among creatures that I had only seen in pictures; creatures that I had only dreamed of. I spotted a heard of rainbow-striped zebras a few feet away from the sea. I gasped in amazement, and recalled that I had had a poster of a rainbow zebra on my locker at school.
I took in every cell of the flora and fauna. Behind a patch of pink lilies, I spotted a silver horn glistening in the sunlight. Slowly, the creature stepped out from the plant and bowed in introduction.
“Hello, my fine travelers,” the unicorn said in a majestic voice. He was strongly built and quite muscular, and had a little curly beard on his chin as all male unicorns did.
My group bid him hello in return, and I continued to stare in awe at this magnificent creature. “Welcome to the land of Essieterra,” he continued regally. “My name is Cornelius, and I am the leader of the unicorns.”

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