Last Stand

The fire door shook on its hinges with an ominous splintering noise, muffled slightly by the thick wood. Jacob wrenched his gaze away from the hallway long enough to force a reassuring smile.

“Go on, then. you haven’t got all day.” He nodded to the only other door in the dimly lit room. daylight was filtering in under the lintel. The fire door behind him shuddered again. Anette shook her head resolutely, despite her eyes betraying the terror she was feeling.
Pluckiest little ten year old I’ve ever met… Jacob grinned again, looking up to catch her mother’s eye. “Get her out of here, Suzie. It’s the only chance you’ll get.”

“Screw you and your heroics, Jacob. Come with us!” The Fire door cracked, audibly. A sliver of wood sprang from the door and tapped Jacob on the shoulder like an impatient lover.
The smile faded.

“You know I can’t.” He pulled the Beretta from his bag an turned his back on Suzie.

A moment later he heard the door latch behind him, shortly before the fire door in front shattered.

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