As the Stars Twinkle in Essieterra (part 6)

As time went on, I grew both mystified and accustomed to life in Essieterra. Each day, I felt more connected to the community, and I relished in every surprise. Who knew that on a single island, it could be both day and night all at once, or that fairies could lend you their wings? I had always dreamt of flying, and now I was able to experience such an exhilarating thrill!
There were a multitude of places to live in Essieterra, consisting of ancient castles, cozy cottages, mushroom houses, and, of course, the forest. Many of the natives came and went as they pleased, but myself and most of the other newcomers lived in the abandoned castles. I would often go swimming with the fairies in the brook, or make shoes with the elves. Soon, my own clothes became tattered and worn, so some of the fairies kindly spun me new outfits.

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