The Twin Mindset

“Hey, Cassy. So, volleyball?”
I plopped down into the swivel chair. Cassy looked up from her phone expectantly.
“Yep, if you’re interested.”
“Your sister was telling me about it. Sounds fun, except she doesn’t know where it is.”
“Yeah, she’s never been there before.” Cassy chuckled with me.
I glanced at my phone, buzzing with the info about the game tonight, and quickly replied.
“You got here early.” I observed nonchalantly. “How’s school going?”
“Not bad,” her shoulders shrugged, “I like my professors. I’m taking several courses I really enjoy and it feels promising, even if the semester just started.”
“That always helps.”
Cassy clicked a text on her phone, snapped it shut, and smiled. “My parents were going to visit, I’m going check the lobby.”
“Ok, see you.”
Once she left, I got another text from Belle, then Tyler swung around the corner. He sat down across from me.
“Dude, you know she was messing with you right?”
“Cassy called to say she would be ten minutes late.
That was Belle. She never left.”

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