Wild Honeycomb

“Hajime! Wait up!” Akiko cried from a street behind.

Hajime closed his eyes and quickened his pace. She had made a fool of him yesterday and he really didn’t feel like talking to her today. Or maybe ever. He had trusted her and she had abused that trust.

“I didn’t mean it!”

Ahead of them, Hajime watched as the bus pulled away from the curb. He could see Etsu in the back window. Of course she had been there on time and gotten her customary seat. Irrationally, Hajime added making them late to the bus to the list of Akiko’s recent crimes. Late to the bus meant late to school. Late to school meant another mark against his attendance. Etsu smiled and waved and then the bus rounded a corner and was gone.

“I know you’re mad at me but I can explain!”

The next bus wouldn’t arrive for another ten minutes and he couldn’t wait that long, not with Akiko there anyway. He forced out a bitter sigh and started walking to the next bus stop. Maybe if he was lucky a car would put him out of his misery before he got there.

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