-plus five is twenty-seven!

23. Uncommon beauty. Beauty comes in many forms. Beauty exists in the eye of the beholder. But what constitutes uncommon beauty? Instead of answering the question, tell me a story.

24. Universal Themes: Food Brings Us Together (or does it?). Write a story where food brings two or more people together- or drives them apart.

25. Zombies! With a twist. (You supply the twist). Zombies have permeated pop culture in a variety of forms over the years. Can you give me something new? (Origin, use of senses, look, etc.)

26. Another quote challenge. Drop in the quote “I’m just here for the heat” somewhere in your story. Everything else is up to you.

27. Mysterious Geometry, Part 1. Your character has recently come across a strange, triangular piece of metal. It is slightly larger than their hand. Two sides are long and straight. The third side curves inward. The metal is covered in thin, shallow grooves, some parallel, others that cross. Does your character know what it is? More importantly, what do they do with it?

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