As the Stars Twinkle in Essieterra (part 7)

Everyone was extremely benign in this land. Even the trolls amused me with their wry sense of humor. I wanted to stay in Essieterra forever, and the others couldn’t bear the thought of me leaving, either. But I knew that I had to come home eventually. If I stayed here for life, then I’d be cheating the rest of the world, in a sense. So many individuals told me that I had abundant gifts to offer the world, both the people back home and my comrades in Essieterra.
Most of the creatures whom I had journeyed with planned to stay in this land for as long as they lived. But to me, it was the summer vacation of a lifetime. I had made so many friends, and I didn’t know how I could ever come back to visit again. After all, Essieterra couldn’t exactly be found on a map of the world.

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