“One AM, GU4,” came Master’s stern voice, moments before the lights flickered on. “What are you doing in here at one friggin’ AM?”

“Nearly done, sir,” answered GU4, his robotic attention given entirely to the video game before him.

“No, you are done now.” Master went to the console and switched it off.

“Do you know what the ‘G.U.’ in your name stands for?”

GU4, of course, knew the answer, but he was displeased with Master. He tilted his head to the side, the way he did when scanning his hard drive. “Searching… searching… No results found, sir.”

“Alright, smart ass. The ‘G’ stands for ‘guard’ and the ‘U’ stands for ‘unit’, and your guard duty started an hour ago. Do you need a new punctuality chipset?”

“No, sir.”

“Are you sure? Those things are a bitch to install.” Master leaned in close, “You and the others were hired for one purpose: to protect The Oracle, our last hope in this war. Now, Guard Unit 4, get your can to sector N-12 before I turn you into multiple units. We could use more sweepers.”

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