1AP N47

“One app in 47,” Agent Carlson barked, and he slammed file folders on my desk. An office this small, I hadn’t noticed him come in before he was at my side.

“Uh, I’m sorry?”

“One application of the 47 who applied was even remotely qualified. Why, then, are you bringing in these six?” He fanned out the six dossiers of the rookies I had selected for interviews.

“I thought these six-”

“Bullshit. You have a history with her, don’t you? I know you both worked at the agency, and your timelines overlap pretty closely. I know you both worked Nairobi. What happened? D’ya piss her off?”

“I thought these six showed-”

“Bring them in. Fine. But she’s on the list, and she’s first. I don’t care what your history is, we need every shot of this assignment being successful. I still out-rank you, and I’m pulling it: bring her in, that’s an order.”

“Look, Carlson, that’s great, it’s just that-”

Agent Carlson slammed the door behind him, the force rattling the glassware on my bookshelves.

“- I hate working with my wife.”

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