The Night I Got Arrested...

M.M. Guilbert – The name on the jumpsuit.
A hot blonde – The officer wearing said jumpsuit.
Me – the guy wishing he wasn’t in her custody at the moment.
Well, maybe not. Maybe I could convince her that this was all a mistake. Then again, maybe I couldn’t. She cuffed me so tight I could barely feel my fingers.
Still, sitting in the back of her patrol car watching the back of her head like this, it wasn’t hard to imagine the situation differently. Perhaps she could be….a sexy chauffeur I was meeting for the first time. Nice. She was taking me to an extravagant event. Any moment now she would shyly tell me how good I looked tonight. I’d just raise an eyebrow and say : “Bet you say that to all your clients.” I let out a small laugh. I wish.

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