As the Stars Twinkle in Essieterra (part 10)

All of the female unicorns in Essieterra were madly in love with Cornelius. They would bat their eyelashes at him and giggle incessantly; flirting intensely and constantly. But none of this captivated Cornelius. He wished for someone with a beautiful soul and intelligent mind who could help him watch over Essieterra and preserve the sort of impenetrable quintessence of love that the rest of the world seemed to be lacking.
“Darling,” Cornelius confessed, “You are an amazing girl. You have the power to see into people’s souls and cherish them. I will always love you dearly, and if you were a unicorn, I’d ask for your hoof in marriage. But you are a human, and it is a unicorn lady that I long for. When she comes along—oh, I do hope she does!—then I will be truly complete. But until then, I shall live a life of honor and power, as opposed to one of true, passionate love and romance.” A silver tear slid down his cheek.

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