She’s here. She’s actually here.

Patty felt as though she’d been hit by a full body-bind curse. Even as the queue around her shuffled on, she couldn’t command her limbs to their proper order. She could just stare, as her favorite author signed dozens of tattered books.

“It’s something, isn’t it?” a star-struck primary student whispered, clutching her own nearly unrecognizable edition of the final volume.

“Yes, she is,” Patty managed and speaking those words gave life back to her body; she took the final steps forward. All at once, Patty dropped her books onto the table – a risky diversion – whilst brandishing her wand. The weapon, twelve inches, springy, made from holly with a core of dragon heartstring, wavered in her hand.

“Avada ked-!”

But, in that moment security was upon her. One guard grabbed the wand, inspected it confusedly, and tossed it on the table. As Patty was dragged out, she saw the author quickly snap the wand in half.

Yet, as it splintered, Patty was certain she saw a spark of blue.

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