As the Stars Twinkle in Essieterra (part 13)

I led Cornelia out of the forest, and we walked along the main road that brought us to Essieterra Town Square. Though her sense of direction was impaired, Cornelia was a keen individual who could hear even the inaudible flapping of fairy wings. We found Cornelius loitering around the brook, occasionally taking a drink of water. The moment he laid his eyes on her, it was as if choirs of angels had come down from heaven to serenade the two lovers who were destined to be together forever.
I was a bridesmaid at their wedding, which was a huge event for all of the residents of Essieterra. Everyone in the land came, and we could all agree that it was a wonderful way to spend the last few days of summer. Cornelia had pink roses in her hair, and wore a veil made by the fairies. Despite her broken horn, she looked absolutely beautiful.

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