The Less Glamorous Side of Dungeon Crawling

Idly, I traced different pawprints into dust that had accumulated undisturbed for centuries. Forimus and Bedewin stood in the corner quietly arguing over which direction we should head next. Bedewin moved her hands in quick jerky arcs to emphasize her points. Thanks to his armor, Forimus dwarfed her by a foot in almost every direction. Together they looked like a father denying a child’s request for more sweets. Especially since Forimus stood with his arms crossed, occasionally shaking his helmed head.

“Nothing like a little politicking to liven up one’s evening.” Foxspur said dryly. I didn’t know when he had come back or how he had slid up next to me without my noticing.

“They’re not politicking, they’re trying to decide on the best course of action.” I said.

“That’s what politics is all about.” I felt the barest brush of his fingers against the small of my back.

“Hey! None of that. Give it back.”

Foxspur chuckled and tossed my money pouch with his other hand. “I don’t know how you always know, girl.”

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