Hakama let his feet dangle from his elaborate balcony as the chilly breeze tugged on his robe and garments of royal colors and distinct sewing patterns. He smiled, humming softly, taking note of the change in weather. The next months would bring cold, dry weather that would strip most of the crops. Hakama hardly thought anything of it, though, as he readjusted his headdress. It consisted of numerous layers of bright, patterned silk that hung about the contours of his cranium and shoulders like a hood.

The cold season would bring hardships, but nothing the prince of the Qiang Dynasty would have to worry about. Especially not on a day like this. The air was crisp. The sun was warm. Prince Hakama, for once, wasn’t surrounded by at least ten guards. He was alone, listening as a very familiar hiss sounded in the distance. An eager grin crept onto his lips as he watched, waiting. And then there it was; the massive amber airship lifting off into the sky, obscuring even the sun with its brilliance.

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