1XF 033

“What’s the memory address?” w1zz asked.

“1xF033,” said FOX1E.

The room was dark but not devoid of light. Four monitors sprayed rectangles onto two young, male faces: w1zz had dark-rimmed glasses and a forgotten goatee, FOX1E smelt of stale pizza and body odor. These men were nerds. These men were hacking the NSA.

The NSA had been their mark for years. They were constantly looking for Internet posts by any level of employee. Last month, they found a web forum for the TV show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Mark Anderson was a “brony” who couldn’t wait until he got home to write his posts.

One post gave them an IP address, which gave them a network, through-which they could target a computer and Mark, himself. If they were right, the image file they were manipulating would unleash a computer virus that could cripple the agency. That JPG sat on Mark Anderson’s desktop. It was labeled, “sexy my little pony.jpg”.

The file placed, they covered their tracks. FOX1E smiled. “By 9am, the NSA will be ours.”

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