In Memory of 9/11 Part 1

11 yrs. ago
That fateful day was marked
To ring out through the ages
A day of woe, remembrance, and dark

A day like any other
A day for work and life
Was turned into a living hell
…On the day the twin towers fell

Some people stared, completely awestruck
While others ran home, to see the ones they loved

Like ants, people poured out
From the door, the ones that got out
But high above the streets
Panic and terror rang out

Red, the firemen where soon pouring in
White, the ambulance crews, waited for the fight
The fight of life
Blue, the policemen, blocking off the streets
Could see the flames and possibly
Even feel the heat

Then with a great crack
Screams rang out
And all were told get down
Get out

Then with a resounding “boom”
The 1st tower fell
And none could be seen
Through the dust and debris

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