In Memory of 9/11 Part 2

When the dust settled
A sorrowful sight was seen
Only one tower was left,
Standing on the scene

Lo’ and behold, the second soon followed
And again the dust, filled up the streets
And now the sight was ever more sad
For now no towers
Stood tall on the land

Much of the aid, that came that day
Were trapped below, this gruesome display
As heroes they came
Heroes they died
Along side the ones, they were rescuing inside

Sorrow filled a nation that day
Anger and hatred soon came along
And the nation soon went, from cripled to strong
And soon it was ready, to stand tall and strong

But the hole in the city, was not forgotten
And after the death toll was tallied and done
Two things stood above this “Ground Zero”
One made of steel, the other of cloth

The first a flag, standing tall and proud
Red, White, and Blue above the rubbled ground
The last of steel, pulled from the wreckage

A cross was placed upon the rubbled mound
“God bless the lives given, on this ground”
God Bless America still strong and still proud!

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